Course Schedule


Introduction: What is Theory? Who Gets to Do Theory?

Aug. 31 Course overview.
Sept. 2

1. Who is Your Mother? Red Roots of White Feminism.
Sept. 7

2. Gee, You Don't Seem Like an Indian from the Reservation.
3. Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory.
Sept. 9

4. White Innocence/White Accountability: Feminist Movements and Wars of the New Millennium.

Unit I: Making Feminist Sense of the World

Sept. 14 Online: First Writing Since; Phantom Towers; Come September.
Sept. 16 holiday no class.
Sept. 21 Dislocating Culture : chapters 1, 2, 4.
Sept. 23 continued: chapter 3.
Sept. 28

5. When Soldiers Rape.
Online: Rwanda Minister of Rape: A Woman's Work.
Sept. 30

Video: Ladies First.
Sign up for activism reports (on webct) and conference projects (in class) .
Oct. 5 Local Women, Global Science : chapters 1-4.
Oct. 7 continued: chapters 5-6.
Oct. 12

6. Private Fists and Public Force: Race, Gender, and Surveillance.
Oct. 14

Video: Performing the Border.
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Unit II: Engaging Feminism - From the Ground Up

Oct. 19 Creative Workshop: Engaging Feminist Theory in Writing.
Oct. 21 Creative Collaborations.
Oct. 26

Video: Mama Wahunzi.
Due: Social Justice Activism Global/Local Resources (on webct by 1:00 pm ).

Oct. 28

7. Composting Judaism: On Ecology, Illness, and Spirituality (Re)planted.
8. Ecofeminism through an Anticolonial Framework.
Nov. 2

9. The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply.
Dislocating Culture : chapter 5.
Nov. 4

10. Hunger as Ideology.
Nov. 9 If I Can Cook/You Know God Can : chapters 1-8.
Nov. 11 continued: chapters 9-11.
Nov. 16

Film: Antonia's Line.
Due: Conference Project Overview.
Nov. 18 Film continued.

Unit III: Living Feminism Theory into Action

Nov. 23

A Potluck Celebration and Conference Project Planning.
Due: Recipe/Narrative
Nov. 25 holiday no class.
Nov. 30 Exhibit Preview.
Dec. 2

Dress Rehearsal.
Due 12/3: Luncheon planned by Food Collective; Public Exhibit by Exhibit Collective (both due 11 am in HUM 354); Public Performance by Performance Collective, 7:30 pm , HUM B39.


Dec. 7

Course Review.
Due: Writer's Notebook.