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WSS 360
Fall 2003










































































Sept. 2
Course overview & introduction.

Unit I - At the Intersections

Sept. 4
Online essay: Mapping the margins: intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color.
MADRE & InCite! websites.

Sept. 9
Screen: "Señorita extraviada."

Sept. 11
E-reserve: "'Lupe's song': on the origins of Mexican-woman hating in the United States" & "Latin women in the global information network."

Sept. 16
PW: Parts I & II - chapters 1-4; Time Line.

Sept. 18
PW: chapters 5-7.

Sept. 23
PW: Part III; Epilogue.

Sept. 25
Library workshop on feminist research (to be held in digital workshop 1, New Library).

Unit II - Toward Feminist Ethics

Sept. 30

Screening: The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations.

Oct. 2
DA: chapters 1, 5-6.

Oct. 7
DA: chapters 2-4.

Oct. 9
Online essay: What became of God the Mother?

Oct. 14
TM: "Ruby" - "Seneca."

Oct. 16
TM: "Divine."

Oct. 21
TM: "Patricia" - "Save-Marie."

Oct. 23
E-reserve: Ecofeminism through an anticolonial framework.
IEN & Ecofem websites.

Oct. 28
Screening: Antonia's Line.

Oct. 30
Screening continued.
due: Annotated Bibliography.

Unit III - Feminist Legacies: Common Themes, Different Contexts

Nov. 4
DC: chapters 1, 3.

Nov. 6
DC: chapter 4.

Nov. 11
WO: chapters 1-2.

Nov. 13
WO: chapters 3-4.

Nov. 18
Web Design: Introduction to Dreamweaver (to be held in digital workshop 1, New Library)
due: Article Abstract

Nov. 20
Web Design: Advanced Dreamweaver (to be held in digital workshop 1, New Library)

Nov. 25
Screening: The Language you cry in.
due: Article

Nov. 27
Thanksgiving holiday - no class.

Dec. 2
E-reserve: In search of our mothers' gardens.

Dec. 4
Slide show: feminist art.

Dec. 9
Web Design Workshop: Hypertext Web Page (to be held in digital workshop 2, New Library)
(must be completed by Dec. 12, 12 noon.)


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