Course Requirements

WSS 360
Fall 2003






















Class Participation (20 points)
This course will be formatted around lectures and discussions. Hence, your regular attendance and active participation-both in the classroom and on our webct discussion board- are required for the success of this class. You are allowed 3 unexcused absences; however, if you go over this number, you stand to lose 1 point for each additional absence. If you cannot avoid an absence due to illness or emergencies, please notify me in advance so that you may be excused.

Critical Response (30 points)
Weekly responses to reading assignments must be posted on our webct discussion board. Your paragraph-length response must be 6-8 sentences, must articulate the main argument(s) in reading(s), and must reflect on whether or not you find that they were well supported by the author(s). Only your top 10 responses will count toward your final grade.

Annotated Bibliography (10 points)
You will be expected to consult secondary sources pertaining to the subject of feminist thought and to present them in an annotated bibliography, which should list 10 sources in either MLA or APA format: each source accompanied by a 2-3 sentence summary, which articulates main points of the source (much like your critical response). Of these 10 sources, you are limited to using only one website, only 2 course texts, and only one film/video as sources. You will not receive credit for this assignment if the other sources do not include scholarly journal articles, reviews, books or anthology chapter. This assignment is due Thursday, October 30.

Article/Web Page /Hypertext (40 points)
Integrating the work that you have done for your annotated bibliography, you will then explore a feminist issue further in a written work, which you will contribute to a web anthology, designed as a website by our class. This written work could be an article, historical profile, or review essay. This written work must later be presented through an interactive, hypertext web page. Of the top 10 papers in this class, only those receiving an A- or higher will be published on our website. Your 100-word article abstract is due Tuesday, November 18. Your article is due Tuesday, November 25, and the completed web page is due Friday, December 12, by 12 noon. (in my mailbox on a disk or CD.)











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