Due Dates

Sept. 30 - sign up for activism reports (on webct) and conference project (in class).

Oct. 14 - sign up for recipe category.

Oct. 26 - activism reports submitted on webct by 1:00 pm .

Nov. 16 - conference project overview submitted by each collective (not individually).

Nov. 23 - recipe/narrative and potluck celebration in class.

Dec. 3 - student conference projects.

Dec. 7 - writer's notebook.

Grading Policy:
A = 100-93
A- = 92-90
B+ = 89-86
B = 85-83
B- = 82-80
C+ = 79-76
C = 75-73
C- = 72-70
D = 69-65
E = Below 65

Late assignments will result in 5 points deducted from your grade for each day late; no extensions will be granted with the exception of documented emergencies. In addition, plagiarism is a violation of university policy; any errors in citations and use of work that is not your own will result in a failing grade for assignments.

Extra Credit:
1 pt. for every two Women's Studies/IROW events attended on campus and for submitting a minimum two-page analysis for each event (on webct no later than 48 hours after each event). See events pages for Women's Studies and IROW.