initiation painting

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Graduate Courses

Black Diasporas, Feminisms, and Sexual Politics (WSS 545)

The Literature of Feminism (WSS 550)

Feminist Theory (WSS 565)

Undergraduate Courses

Women Creating Change
(WSS 100)

Classism, Racism, and Sexism (WSS/AAS/LACS 240)

Women and the Media (WSS 281)

Narratives and Counter-Narratives (WSS 282Z)



Global Perspectives on Women (WSS 308)

Feminist Social and Political Thought (WSS 360)

Gender and Nation in World Cinema (WSS 361)

Beyond the Classroom

Annual Women's Studies Student Conference (Public Scholarship)

Class E-Newsletter (WSS 281 - S'06).

Green Campus Project (WSS 282Z - F'06).

Ms. Understood - A Satirical Beauty Pageant (WSS 360 - F'04): Watch Video Online (Real Player neeed)

Living Feminism: A Virtual Cookbook (WSS 360 - F'04).

Social Justice Activism: Resource Page (WSS 360 - F'04).

Words of the Prophets: Watch Video Online (Real Player neeed)


Image Credit: "Initiation" by Lois Mailou Jones.