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Revitalizing, Reconnecting, and Transforming

  This past summer the University at Albany mourned the loss of our esteem President Kermit Hall. It was Hall’s legacy to promote and support environmental sustainability, he also believed in building college relations, transforming the campus into a living family oriented environment. Hall initiated programs that connected the University with the larger Capital Region, sponsoring such ideas like High school exchange, giving a few


students a chance to experience college life. He was a big advocate of unity and collectiveness. In his eulogy one of his colleagues spoke in regards to Kermit Hall as the ethereal Jim Henson’s creation “Kermit the Frog”, “It was not easy being green, but someday we will find it the rainbow connection”. It is through his eyes that our group has formulated this theme of connection; reconnecting the University to nature, and the earth.



The MTVu and G.E. implementation grant will be used to lay out the foundations of our vision, which is about Revitalizing, Reconnecting, and Transforming the entire University, and maybe even the entire Albany area. Understandable this is a project that will take more then just a few years to actually be fully realized, but we expect to carry out the first initial step of our project with the primary grant. For the latter legs of the proposal we intend to solicit other local groups who have similar interest in projects such as these. The class has full confidence and passion in seeing this through to the major works. Our mission is to see transform the entire University into fully realized, and catalyst of Environmental Justice, and maintaining a greening legacy.