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Future Goals

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Phase 2:

One of the stipulations with the “Golden Grid Project” as mentioned before is a rerouting of the buses, allotting more stops on campus, to encourage an increase in commuting. Building on this motion we would like to propose eco-friendly bus shed built as an active location by the “Indian Lake”. Not only will this increase pedestrian traffic but it encourages residents from outside the University community to become a part of the environmental space, there by reconnecting the University to the larger Capital District. An eco-friendly bus shed would consist of recycled material, and weather conduced hub that is utilized in both winter and summer seasons.

*Hopefully with the plans for and eco-friendly hub may be come a universal design for the rest of the Albany bus stops.

Possible bus shed location...

With the integration of the outside community into this space, it seems very appropriate to initiate a community garden, and Orchard. The biology department has a program during the summer that consists of landscaping, and surveying. It is an opportunity to open up other classes that can use this area as beginning and maintenance of a community garden, and or Orchard.

* “Golden Grid Project” will not be in affect until 2010 and therefore phase2 will have to be revisited in a later time.


Phase 3:

The final piece to our project, a future endeavor is the construction of a closed water circuit. As described earlier the podium is made up of three or more fountains, each has become the center piece for the University image. Using both the ponds and the fountains our class would like to connect all lines as reciprocating circuit. The water would be recycled through a series of filters and reused in each water structure, eventually becoming the local distributor for the entire University’s water. The water circuit reconnects the green space to the larger campus community, centralizing nature as an intricate part of University living. It is the crowning glory of the project because it connects the mind (Academic institution) body (the fountains, the image of nature in the past University’s history) and soul (reclaiming of nature, and the new greening campaign).