slave ship background image with title overlay: Middle Passages: Gendered Diasporas

Baggage Claim: An Art Exhibit

Baggage Claim, a Class Exhibit that premiered on the University at Albany campus during Black History Month 2015, creatively and metaphorically signifies on the historical journey of the “Middle Passage,” in which African captives were stolen from the African continent and brought to the Americas. Although these captives made the journey with no material possessions, they carried invisible “luggage” in the form of memories, language, culture, and skills. This Art Project imaginatively and artistically creates “baggage” that such captives might have brought with them, if given the chance.


Exhibition Checklist:

The Transformation from Silence to Sound

The Musical Heritage of the African Diaspora

Reclaiming and Reimagining: Double Consciousness

The Beauty Diaspora

Rice Culture: The Invisible Luggage

Travels and Manifestations of Burial Rites

Clock from "Burial Rites" Art