Albany Quarknet

The Albany Quarknet group met during the last week of July 2003 to setup and perform several experiments, to design lesson plans related to particle physics topics, and to plan future outreach projects for area schools.

Future plans (not in any order):

1) Improving the cosmic detector stand (making it portable)

2) Stanys conference at Sienna College around the end of October 2003. Quarknet teachers (possibly with help from Saj and Jesse and Ken) would setup the cosmic telescope as well as the two exp-decay demos for this event. We can also consider the even in Ellenville in early November.

3) Improving the website.

    a) links to other websites with ideas on teaching particle physics.

    b) Guide for teachers on how to incorporate particle physics into their courses.

4) Figure out how to make the cosmic-ray setup a good demo to take to a H.S. class.


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