Russian Modernism Timeline

World Events
Event in Russian Literature
The Symbolist Movement in Literature, Arthur Symons, 1899. 1890 


On the Reasons for the Decline and on the New Trends in Contemporary Russian Literature, D.S. Merezhkovsky,1892. 

The Russian Symbolists, A.A. Lang and Valery Bryusov, 1894. 

Mir Iskusstvo, First Edition, 1898.

Art Noveau Movement begins, Paris. 

Boxer Rebellion, China.

1900 Three Conversations (On War, Progress, and the End of History) and A Short Tale of the Antichrist, Vladimir Solovyov.
1902 Lodestars, Vyacheslav Ivanov.
1903 Let Us Be as the Sun, Konstantin Balmont.
Russo-Japanese War begins. 1904 Gold in Azure, Andrei Bely. Verses on a Beautiful Lady, A.A. Blok.
Abortive Revolution in Russia. 1905 Bashnya established in St. Petersburg.
1906 The Unknown Lady, A. A. Blok. Wreath, Valery Bryusov.
First Cubist show in Paris. 1907 The Petty Demon, Fyodor Sologub.
The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism, F.T. Marinetti. 1908
1909 Appolon founded by S. Makovsky and Nikolai Gumilyov.
1910 "Incantation by Laughter", Velimir Khlebnikov
1911 "Poet's Guild" founded by Nikolai Gumilyov.
1912 Evening, Anna Akhmatova. A Slap in the Face of Public Taste, Mayakovsky, Burlyuk, Kruchonykh, and Khlebnikov.
First performance of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring brings riots in Paris. 1913 Me, Vladimir Mayakovsky. Stone, Osip Mandelshtam.
World War I begins.  1914 Twin in Stormclouds, Boris Pasternak.
1915 A Cloud in Pants, Vladimir Mayakovsky.
The Easter Rebellion, Ireland. 1916 Petersburg, Andrei Bely.
Bolshevik Revolution, October. 1917 Man, Vladimir Mayakovsky.
Armstice signed in Versailles, War War I ends. 1918 The Twelve, A. A. Blok.
1st Congress of the Communist International held in Moscow. 1919
1920 "Correspondence from Two Corners", M.O. Gershenzon and Vyacheslav Ivanov.
BBC founded in England. 1921 The Nocturnal Search, Velimir Khlebnikov.
USSR officially founded. 1922 Kotik Letaev, Andrei Bely. My Sister Life, Boris Pasternak.
1923 The Noise of Time, Osip Mandelshtam.

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