BOOK: Workers, Managers, and Welfare Capitalism:
The Shoemakers and Tanners of Endicott Johnson, 1890-1950

Gerald Zahavi
University at Albany, State University of New York
Originally published by the University of Illinois Press in 1988. Copyright reverted to Gerald Zahavi in 2001.
No commercial use or reformatting of contents permitted without permission.
Contact Gerald Zahavi at: with any questions on copyright or re-publication.

Front Cover and Introduction
Chapter 1 (pp. 1-36) ~ "The Emergence of Welfare Capitalism"
Chapter 2 (pp. 37-62) ~ "The Rise of the 'Square Deal'"
Chapter 3 (pp. 63-98) ~ "Workers and Work"
Chapter 3/4 (photos, pp. 98a-f)
Chapter 4 (pp. 99-125) ~ "Negotiated Loyalty: The Response to Welfare Capitalism"
Chapter 5 (pp. 126-149) ~ "The 'Square Deal' and the Depression"
Chapter 6 (pp. 150-176) ~ "'Outsiders' and 'Strangers'"
Chapter 6/7 (photos, pp. 176a-h)
Chapter 7 (pp. 177-210) ~ "Rebellion and Restoration"
Conclusion (pp. 211-217)
Appendix (pp. 218-224)
Bibliography (pp. 225-246)
Index (pp. 247-end & Back Cover)

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