A Typical Indenture Contract From 1726
Source: Historical Society of Hingham, MA [Based on a reproduction of the original document printed in M. B. Schnapper, American Labor: A Bicentennial History (Washington, D.C., 1975).

This Indenture, Made the Nineteenth Day July in the Second Year of the Reign of our Supreme Sovereign Lord, George the Second, King of Great Britain, &c. An. Dom. 1728 Between Rice Thomas of Clankerry in the County of Carmanthan _________ of the one Part, and Joseph Langdon of this City mariner of the other Part witnesseth, That the said Rice Thomas ___________ hath, and by these Presents doth bind, and put himself an Apprentice and Servant to the said Thomas Langdon to Serve him, or his Assigns in the Plantation of Pennsylvania----beyond the Seas for the space of six Years next Ensuing, the arrival of said Servant in the said Plantation: And doth hereby Covenant well and truly to serve his said Master, or his lawful Assigns, in the said Plantation, for and during the said Term, according to the Laws and Customs of the said Plantation: And doth further Declare and Covenant That he the said Servant at the same Time of the Ensealing hereof, is of the Age of sixteen Years, a single Person, and no Covenant, or Contracted Servant to any other Person, or Persons. And the said Master for himself, his Executors, and Assigns, In Consideration thereof, doth hereby Covenant, Promise, and Agree, to, and with his said Servant, that he the said Master, or his Assigns, shall and will, at his, or their own proper Costs and Charges, with what convenient Speed they may, Carry and Convey, or cause to be Carry'd and Convey'd over unto the said Plantation, his said Servant; and from henceforth, and during the said Voyage, and also during the said Term, and at the End thereof, shall and will at the like Costs and Charges provide for, and allow his said Servant all necessary Cloaths, Meat, Drink, Washing, Lodging, and all other Necessaries, fit and convenient for him according to the Custom of the said Plantation, and as other Servants in such Cases are usually Provided for, and Allow'd.

In Witness whereof, the said Parties have to these present Indentures interchangeably set their Hands and Seals the Day and Year above written.

[signature of Joseph Langdon appears here]

Sealed and Deliver'd
in the Presence of the Justice


This is to Certifie, That the above-named Rice Thomas came before Me M Draper --------- the Day and Year above-written, and declared himself to be a single Person, and no Covenant, or Contracted Servant to any Person, or Persons, to be of the age of Station _______ Years, and to be desirous to serve the above-named _______Joseph Langdon six Years, according to the Tenor and Indenture above-written. All which is Register'd in the Office for the Purpose appointed by Letters Patents. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed the Common Seal of the said Office.

[signature and title of M. Draper appears here]

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