Research Overview

Currently, I am focusing on analysis of large-scale data, collected from events at the network edge to make the wireless channel more robust against interference while addressing the challenge of being always best-connected over heterogeneous networks. My research also includes novel signal proceesing techniques for MAC-PHY crosslayer solutions in modern wireless networks. I employ a hybrid method of theoretical rigor and experimental evaluation using prototype hardware and wireless measurements.

Enforcement in Spectrum Sharing

As sharing agreements are being ratified by the FCC for various spectrum bands, it also presents the challenging problem of enforcing these policies. This problem cuts across many dimensions of detection theory, multiagent planning as well crowdsensing.

Edge Analytics and Intelligent Systems

Recent trends in networked systems suggest that cloud based services are slowly gravitating to the edge of the network. This thread of research delves into predictive analytics for non-stationary wireless channels, network selection under uncertainty and adaptive video streaming.

MAC-PHY Crosslayer Techniques

A programmable physical layer interface can implement simultaneous transmission, which greatly speeds up common group communication primitives by reducing latency while increasing link throughput. A flexible PHY also enable various signal processing techniques for Dynamic Spectrum Aceess.

Architectures for Software Defined Radio

Building a generic baseband radio platform is hard. Especially in presence of multitude of hardware and software substrates. It is important to define "what is required" to build a radio rather than specifying "how to build it" to make Radio as a Service (RaaS) available to a variety of applications.