The Normal School Company

In 1862 a group of faculty, students, and  alumni of the New York State Normal School at Albany New York became the core of "New" Company E of the  Forty-Fourth New York Volunteer Infantry.  As members of this regiment the "Normal School Company" participated in seventeen battles of the Civil War..  

This website is the product of  a graduate research seminar directed by Professor Allen Ballard of the University at Albany, in the spring of 1999.  The seminar was focused on  the Normal School Company  which was organized, raised, and led by two instructors at the State Normal School, the predecessor of the University at Albany. 

So it came to pass that in the summer of 1862 a large number of the best and bravest of our young men left school and college- dropping their books only to pick up the sword and musket - rallied to the support of Freedom’s flag, and offered themselves  to fill up the now more than decimated  ranks of the Union Army.


In September of that year, the “Normal School Company,” numbering 100, was mustered in into the service of  the United States “for three years of the war,” and soon became an integral part of  the “Army of the Potomac,” then facing  the rebel “Army of Northern Virginia”…

                                                              -A.N. Husted (Normal School professor &  44th NYVI Officer )


normal school.gif (83184 bytes) The New York State Normal School, Albany.

Hull- Young.JPG (28055 bytes) The men of the Normal School Company.

44 arch 2.gif (97635 bytes) The Forty-Fourth New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

rtop2.jpg (107779 bytes) At Gettysburg: Defending Little Round Top.

black soldiers 1.jpg (57294 bytes) U.S. Colored Troops: Normal School Officers.