University at Albany's Green Cleaning Policy

The University at Albany, in compliance with NYS Executive Order 134, procures and uses cleaning products having properties that minimize potential impacts to human health and the environment consistent with maintenance of the effectiveness of these products for the protection of public health and saftey. All cleaning products, including, glass cleaners, general purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and floor strippers are Green Seal Certified. The following is a list of the cleaning products currently in use:

Product Category Product Currently in Use
Glass Cleaner Diversey PERdiem
General Purpose Cleaner Diversey PERdiem
Neutral Floor Cleaner Diversey Neutral Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner Diversey PERdiem
Bathroom Cleaner Diversity Crew 44
Floor Stripper Diversity Pro-Strip
Wax EnviroCare Wax

If you have any questions regarding the products or the University's policy regarding use of green cleaning products, please contact either: