Office of Facilities Management

Uptown - Academic
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Campus Wide Uptown Studies
Podium Planter Renovation Phase II
Remediation of four L-shaped planters

Est. Start: Spring 2015
Est. End: Fall 2015
Errol Millington: 442-3400
Reuse of Building #27 (Business Admin)
Progamming & Design for the School of Education and Economics Department

Building 27
Est. Start: September 2013
Est. End: Winter 2015-2016
Errol Millington: 442-3400
Building 25 Rehab
Program, design and renovate existing building to house various units vacating the Podium

Building 25
Est. Start: Fall 2015
Est. End: Spring 2017
John Baldwin: 442-3400
Service Buildings - Central Plant Upgrades
Upgrade Chilled Water (CW) piping in Central Plant, Develop four season cooling capacity, Remodel Office Spaces in SBB

Est. Start: Summer 2016
Est. End: Winter 2018
John Bladwin: 442-3400
Program, design, and construct new NYSUNY2020 building to meet University priority needs

Est. Start: July 2013
Est. End: 2017-2018
Errol Millington: 442-3400
Academic Deck Repairs
Address leaks on podium

Est. Start: August 2007
Est. End: Ongoing
Nancy Dame: 442-3400
Air Handling Unit Upgrades
Upgrade air handling units in various Lecture Centers to save energy and extend equipment life

Lecture Center
Est. Start: Summer 2016
Est. End: Winter 2018
John Bladwin: 442-3400
LC Concourse Improvements, Phases 2
LC Concourse makeover to improve the look, feel and functionality of the area as a hub of student activities

Lecture Center
Est. Start: Summer 2014
Est. End: Summer 2015
Riki Brown: 442-3400
Campus Center Expansion / Addition
Construct Campus Center expansion

Campus Center
Est. Start: June 2014
Est. End: September 2016
Brad Bunzey: 442-3400
OIE Administrative Office Modifications
Plan, design, construct OIE and IELP Office renovations to accommodate unit expansions

Science Library
Est. Start: December 2013
Est. End: Fall 2015
Jason Kirsch: 442-3400
Elevator Renovations
Gut renovation of existing elevator cars and mechanical systems

Physical Education
Est. Start: June 2015
Est. End: September 2015
Dave Radzyminski: 442-3400