Rehab of Podium Lightwells


The project involves the rehabilitation of five existing light wells on the podium. The light wells are the stairways from the podium deck to the podium basement level. They are located at each corner of the podium and in-between podium buildings. All but four of the fifteen light wells are of the original campus construction and have deteriorated over that last forty five years. The original steel frame storefront single-pane window wall system has extensive rusting and in some cases broken glazing. Doors are heavy and difficult to open. The lighting, walls and ceiling tiles in are in poor condition or are damaged. Most of the supplemental heating systems units are non-functioning.

Scope of Project

The scope of the project is to rehabilitate five of the light wells. Work will include:

  • New aluminum thermally efficient storefront double-pane window wall systems
  • New aluminum doors
  • Replacement of exterior concrete slab
  • New plaster soffits and exterior lighting
  • New interior suspended ceilings, lighting and smoke detectors
  • Patching and painting of interior walls
  • Replacement of intake ductwork, diffusers and unit heater systems
  • Cleaning of exterior concrete deck
  • Relining and waterproofing of exterior planters
  • New exterior plantings and landscaping

Lounge Space

There are two light wells that have been redesigned to create lounge spaces. These light wells are located between the Humanities/Education and the Chemistry/Physics buildings. In these spaces the light wells will be improved by creating a structure at the podium deck level. By doing so, longue space is created below. This space will be enhanced by adding seating, vending machines, WiFi access and computer kiosks.


The contractors are proceeding faster than originally scheduled. They elected to proceed with a more aggressive construction schedule by working on all five light wells simultaneously. It is anticipated that their construction activities will be completed in November 2010 opposed to the original completion timeframe of August 2011.

Project Progress (as of October 2010)

Lightwell Location Plan: Map

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  • images/slideshow/exteriorView-lg.png

    Conceptual Exterior Perspective View

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/loungeSpace-lg.png

    Conceptual View - Lounge Space

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/origCondition-lg.png

    Original Light Well Condition

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/currentConstruct01-lg.png

    Current Construction

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/currentConstruct02-lg.png

    Current Construction

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/currentConstruct03-lg.png

    Current Construction

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/currentConstruct04-lg.png

    Current Construction

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/InteriorLoungeSpace-lg.png

    LW#7 - Interior Lounge Space

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/ExteriorPerspectiveView-lg.png

    LW#7 - Exterior Perspective View

    Podium Lightwell
  • images/slideshow/ThirdFloorPerspectiveView-lg.png

    LW#7 - Third Floor Perspective View

    Podium Lightwell