1974 Comprehensive Plan Updating


The State University of New York system began in 1844 in downtown Albany, New York, and has since expanded State wide. In 1961 renowned architect Edward Durell Stone commenced the design of the new uptown campus, located on Washington Avenue. The campus is historically significant due to its unique design and concept of style and bold architecture. The design of the central Podium containing the academic buildings, with the residents towers and low rise quads located at the corners was developed in a vision of Stone's to create an integrated pedestrian friendly campus, void of traffic and parking in this central campus area. The sweeping canopy, colonnades, domes, pools, and fountains with surrounding pathways and landscaping all contribute towards the vision of a single unified and harmonious experience.

Much of Stone's vision is observed at the main entrance to the campus from Washington Avenue where the view of the campus with the large greenscape of Collins Circle along with the Podium and fountains. All vehicles travel on the campus on a surrounding ring road and all parking is located outside of the building areas. The pedestrian friendly environment is furthered with the use of pathways throughout the campus and the incorporation of nature trails around Indian Pond.

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