Dutch Commons


Dutch Commons is one of the four Uptown Campus Commons that lies between the Podium and the residential quads. Pedestrians routinely traverse these commons to get from bus stops, dormitories, and parking lots to get to the Academic Podium where their classes, student services and other student amenities are housed. Over the years, cars and parking have encroached into these Commons creating numerous pedestrian and vehicular conflicts and contributing to the degradation of the landscape. One of the primary goals of the Dutch Commons project was to put "Pedestrians First" by providing for pedestrian movement, recreation and relaxation in a safe environment.

This project substantially reduced and restricted vehicular access and parking in the Commons, provided walkways with lighting and amenities along desired routes, upgraded all underground infrastructure, and maintained the original formal language of the landscape architecture, while diversifying the species and created a more sustainable landscape.

For Detailed information on project status and schedule please visit https://www.albany.edu/facilities/ for Campus Projects Map