Student Experiences: Internships, Clinical Experiences, and Co-Ops

Dylan Marshall

Major: Globalization:
Foreign Languages

Experiential Learning Site: SUNY Administration

I served as an intern in the External Relations Department of the SUNY Chancellors Office focused on communication and planning for the Governor’s Puerto Rico initiative. I learned valuable skills during my internship, such as cultivating professionalism, learning more about the SUNY system, and developing autonomy and a proactive skill set. This internship helped me prepare for academic and future success. My leadership roles and experience at UAlbany allowed me to transition into this internship well. I was able to network and build connections with distinguished staff and also learn about initiatives happening across the state. It encouraged me to bring professionalism into my classwork and produce better deliverables in my studies.

Leanna Vanwassenhove

Major: Criminal Justice

Experiential Learning Site: Intern for the New York State Police in Troop K

Kaitlin Lembo

Kaitlin Lembo

Major: Journalism 

Experiential Learning Site: Reporter for the SpotlightNews in Delmar, NY

During the summer before my senior year, I completed an internship at Spotlight News in Delmar, NY. This experience was the best I've ever had in my life. I went from being a novice reporter to a full-fledged investigative reporter in a matter of months, thanks to on-the-job training by the Spotlight News team. I feel as if I was able to grow as a reporter, investigator and journalist far beyond what I had originally believed was possible in just four short months. It is almost unbelievable to me that I am becoming recognizable in my community as a trustworthy reporter because of the work I began in my internship. UAlbany is my dream school. I am fortunate that my experience at UAlbany helped me land my internship. Serving as an intern at Spotlight News is the best decision I ever made. I'm starting my full-time position in December 2017 with the tools that I need to succeed. My internship was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Student intern Casey O"Neill in front of Peace Corps Banner

Casey O'Neill

Major: Master of Public Administration and Policy (MPA)

Experiential Learning Site: NGO Advising Volunteer at Steau Calauza with the U.S. Peace Corps in the Republic of Moldova

As a Peace Corps volunteer, I have had the opportunity to work hands-on at a small NGO in the Republic of Moldova. So far, I have facilitated strategic planning meetings, assisted my organization with project planning and grant writing, conducted surveys and a needs assessment, taught Excel to staff members at my Mayor's office, and organized youth activities in my community for children interested in entrepreneurship, English and technology. These activities were even more challenging because I had to learn Romanian and Moldovan culture to successfully communicate, network and complete projects. Most importantly, my internship with the Peace Corps helped me to develop invaluable skills in the areas of flexibility, resourcefulness, communication and cultural awareness.  Immersed in a new culture and foreign language, I depend on my community to help me just as much as I help them.  I cannot begin to express or quantify the many ways in which I feel prepared for my career and life after graduate school.  My internship with the Peace Corps has given me worldly experience, from practical administration skills that satisfy my degree and work requirements to relationships and integration skills that are shaping me into a more understanding, resilient, creative, collaborative, and team-oriented person, advocate and leader.  I am convinced that the Peace Corps is one of the most fulfilling and world-changing things I will ever do.  Thanks to my experience, I know it will not be the last.

Harlan Ginsburg

Major: Business Administration, with concentrations in Marketing and Management, and a Minor in Communications

Experiential Learning Site:  Global Partnerships, Business Development Intern for the National Basketball Association (NBA) in New York City

As a Business Development Intern, I was tasked with supporting the domestic Business Development team with seeking new partnerships for the NBA. This included creating research documents, preparing materials for internal and external meetings, and pitching companies to my team. I was additionally part of a "Think Tank" project that focused on security for the NBA. Through this internship, I was able to hone my research skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, email etiquette, and collaborating with others. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to pitch various companies to my team, assist in the creation of company briefs, and begin conversations with future partners of the NBA.

Student Kyle McQuay stands with a Haitian flag in a field

Kyle McQuay

Major: Master of International Affairs 

Experiential Learning Site: Research Assistant for the SUNY Center for International Development in Haiti

My internship with CID has given me an opportunity to work on a number of different projects.  Over the past 6 months, I worked solely on our project in Haiti. After completing my capstone project in collaboration with this project, I was hired as a Research Assistant. I traveled to Haiti in September to conduct a needs assessment for the project, and I will be returning to Haiti again in February. I gained valuable skills from this internship, most notably in using my knowledge of project management and operations overseas, as well as Excel, data collection and entry, and networking. This internship aided my academic career by guiding my career aspirations towards a profession in international affairs, and helped me aim my academic focus to support these goals. I focused many of my academic papers and projects on international development, and this has helped me apply academic theory taught in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Kimberly Jones

Major: Masters in Public Administration 

Experiential Learning Site: New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Insurance Programs (OHIP) in Albany, NY

Throughout my time at my internship with the Department of Health, I have played an integral role with the design, structure and policy development of various initiatives. One of the main functions of my role was working on the project management team ensuring projects were on task and on time across all of OHIP and beyond. I also played a role in managing communications with internal and external stakeholders across New York state in relaying important information regarding different initiatives. I was able to transition straight into a career at the Department of Health after graduating from my Masters in Public Administration. This internship has definitely played a crucial role in my transition as it prepared me for full-time work, and allowed me to think about project management from a new perspective.

Weonjeong Yoo

Major: Psychology

Minor: Criminal Justice

Experiential Learning Site: Intern, Division of Public Interest at the American Psychological Association

Headshot of Christine MarloweChristine Marlowe

Major: BA in History and Rhetoric and Communication ('15) and MA in Organizational Communication ('16)

Experiential Learning Site: U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer

As an intern in Senator Schumer's Office, I was responsible for communicating with constituents and preparing for the Senator's frequent trips throughout NYS. I gained an in-depth understanding of the US government and learned how a Senator's work in Washington affects local NYS residents. Through my internship, I met many influential people and after graduating with my MA, I began working in the Senator's office where I gained invaluable experience working for a public figure. Through my experience in government, contacts made and knowledge of the media landscape, I have since transitioned into a community liaison role where I work on large, NYC-based government projects."