Faculty of the Month

The Center for Experiential Education regularly recognizes faculty for their service, commitment and success in experiential education.

Note: Given COVID-related budgetary constraints, our Faculty of the Month program is temporarily on hold. Please check back for updates as the situation evolves. Thank you for your understanding.

Last Updated: July 9, 2020


Faculty Member of the Month

Dr. Anthony DeBlasi

Name: Dr. Anthony DeBlasi ​

Department: East Asian Studies​

Course: Chinese Studies Research and Bibliographic Methods​

Project: An alumna of the University at Albany owned two Chinese paintings with inscriptions on them. She wanted to know what the inscriptions said and if we could tell her about the paintings. As it turned out, the inscriptions consisted of the titles of the paintings and had information on the date of one painting, the artist of both paintings, and where one of them was painted. It gave the students the opportunity to apply various research skills related to Chinese biographical research, dating practice, and geographical terminology. The students needed guidance to refine their conclusions, but they were successful in working through the material, and the alumna seemed quite pleased with the result. It was a great way for students to learn experientially.​

Nomination Rules
Who can send in a nomination? 

Anyone can send in a nomination. Faculty, staff, administrators and students are encouraged to nominate faculty members for the award. We also accept self-nominations.

Who can be nominated?

All UAlbany faculty, including contingent faculty, who provide hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in their course(s) or to students in their department.

How do you send in a nomination?

Email a completed Nomination Form to [email protected] or deliver the form to the Center for Experiential Education in Social Science Building, Room 138A.

How are the awardees selected?

The selection is made by the Center for Experiential Education. Awardees will be featured in social media and on the CEE website.

What will awardees receive?

Awardees receive recognition on our CEE website and social media platforms, as well as a bagel breakfast delivered to their home department.