CREST Fellowship brings Additional Challenges of Experiential Learning in a Pandemic

Griffin Lacy and Dr. Wonhyung Lee

The Capital Region Engaged Scholar Teacher (CREST) Fellowship was formed to build regional leadership in community engaged teaching and scholarship through networking, professional development and mentorship. Fellows from Capital Region colleges met monthly to discuss how to add experiential learning and community engagement to their courses and committed to redesigning a course for the Spring 2020 semester with additional support through bi-weekly webinars and weekly check-ins among course-redesigning mini-teams.

Highlights of the fellowship included:

  • Access to national and regional syllabi, project descriptions, mini-presentations.
  • Interaction and collaboration with community partners throughout the process.
  • Regional mentors to aid in partnership development, problem shooting, preparing for pitfalls, etc.
  • Cross-institution fellow matching based on common pedagogical and/or issue area interest.
  • Course-design stipends and access to mini-grants to support logistical implementation.

The 2019/2020 fellows from UAlbany were Dr. Wonhyung Lee and PhD Candidate Griffin Lacy who both faced the additional challenge of teaching during a pandemic.  Learn more about their courses on the CREST Fellowship webpage.