Meet Our Staff

Heather Larkin, PhD
Heather is an Associate Professor at the University at Albany School of Social Welfare and directs the National Center. She also volunteers as a consultant on research and education for the Center for Post-Trauma Wellness. Heather has researched adverse childhood experience (ACE) prevalence and service use among homeless people, and co-developed the Restorative Integral Support (RIS) model with John Records. Heather leads ACE Think Tank and Action Team meetings and works closely with local service agency directors to strengthen ACE response.


Amanda Aykanian, MA
Research and Project Lead
Amanda is doctoral student at the University at Albany School of Social Welfare and serves as the National Center's Research and Project Lead. She has worked for several years in program evaluation and research, and has been involved in many evaluations of homeless service and related programs. Amanda has experience in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, data analysis, leading trainings, and teaching. Her research interests include the migration and mobility of people experiencing homelessness; homelessness prevention efforts; and program and policy evaluation.


Assistant Professor at the University at Albany
Wonhyung was academically trained in Social Work and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on urban revitalization and social entrepreneurship, with a special interest in immigrants, people experiencing homelessness, and urban youth. Her recent research includes case studies of business improvement districts (BIDs) in inner city areas as well as neighborhood-level analyses that measure social and health outcomes.


Eric Ehrmann, LTC USA (Retired) MSW
Public Service Professor at the University at Albany
Eric is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Combat Veteran and current Commissioner of the Albany County NY Department of Social Services. He specializes in leadership positions based upon real world experience in assisting Veterans and their families, with an emphasis on Veteran homelessness. He is also a graduate of the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and received his MSW from Syracuse University.


Jeffrey Roberts
Graduate Student Assistant
Jeffrey is an MSW student at the University at Albany and is interning in a homeless services agency. He currently works as a Graduate Student Assistant at the National Center. In the past, he worked with children with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, and families with children at risk of residential placement, including supervising a program for adults with disabilities and co-directing a mindfulness program for children. He is interested in mindfulness, trauma-informed care, body-centered therapy, and person-centered planning.
John Records
Founding Co-Director and Senior Advisor
John is a Public Service Professor at the University at Albany and serves as Founding Co-Director and Senior Advisor at the National Center. He attended Cornell University and New York University School of Law, practiced law in New York and Oregon, and has taught at several universities. From 1992 to 2013, John served as Executive Director of Committee on the Shelterless (COTS), an award-winning nonprofit agency helping homeless children and adults in Northern California. John also serves as a hospice chaplain with HopeWest of Colorado.