Online Resources

The University offers several online resources to help market your efforts, including:

Events Calendar
The Events Calendar provides an excellent avenue to reach both internal and external audiences. It is critical that your events are loaded to this resource in a timely fashion since the calendar information feeds to other pages on the UAlbany web site. Here's how to add your event to the calendar.

An effective tool for promoting events to internal audiences such as students, faculty and staff is the University MyUAlbany page. It offers two outlets for promotion - an announcement section on the login page of the portal, and an announcement section on the outward facing public page. Here's how to add your event to the MyUAlbany page.

The NewsCenter Daily Email
The NewsCenter daily email is sent each day to the entire UAlbany community, which reaches internal audiences of faculty, staff and students. Here's how to add your event to the NewsCenter Daily Email.

Now it’s time to ensure your event gets added to the Online Events Calendar. Let’s get started!