Media Relations

The Office of Communications and Marketing also oversees all media relations on behalf of the University. The team works with a variety of news outlets to encourage the promotion of University events and news. The team proactively pitches targeted media and also handles reactive responses to reporter queries.

UAlbany’s media relations staff can assist with:

  •  Providing members of the media with news and information about the work of faculty, students, and staff.
  • Answering media inquiries about the University and its programs.
  • Developing homepage news stories, news releases and advisories.
  • Pitching stories to targeted media for maximum exposure.

What You Need to Know

Internal and external

Lead time:
Allow four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to your event

Where to submit info/contact:
Communications & Marketing at (518) 956-8150 or

Online Community Calendars

Another important outlet for event promotion is through online community calendars hosted by TV, radio and print outlets. These outlets allow you to upload your event information to their online calendar which is filtered by topic and searched by the community-at-large. The service is free but you are required to set up an account to input information.

The available online community calendars include: