Masters of Science in English to Speakers of Other Languages

Program of Study for MS in TESOL With Certification as K-12 TESOL Specialist in New York State Schools

A minimum of 48 graduate credits are required for the MS in TESOL plus New York State certification. Applicants must have a minimum of 12 credits in a language other than English and an introductory course in linguistics (3 credits).

Admissions Requirements

Required Credentials:

College transcripts
Three letters of recommendation, two from academicians in the content area
Written statement of goals
One introductory course in linguistics
12 credits in world language/culture

Program of Study (48 credits)

Required Core Courses (39 credits)
E Psy 522 Adolescent Development (3)
E Spe 560 Introduction to Human Exceptionality (3)
E Tap 501 TESOL Methodology (3)
E Tap 536 Second Language Learning (3)
E Tap 550/A Eng 552/A Lin 552 Approaches to English Grammar (3)
E Tap 598 Directed Field Experience in Education (3)
E Tap 635 Methods for Teaching Limited English Proficiency Children (3)
E Tap 652B Perspectives in Bilingual Education (3)
E Tap 690T TESOL: Guided Field Experience and Seminar (12)
Choose one of the following for 3 credits:
E Tap 680 Research Seminar: Critical Introduction to Educational Research Paradigms (3)
E Tap 681 Research Seminar: Research in Practice (3)

Elective Courses (9 credits)
Choose on technology course for 3 credits:
E Tap 634 Using Media in the Language Classroom (3)
E Tap 653 Language, Literacy and Technology (3)
Other technology course as advised (3)
Choose one linguistics course for 3 credits:
A Lin 521 Introduction to Syntactic Theory (3)
A Lin 522 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (3)
Other linguistics course as advised (3)
Choose one language and culture course for 3 credits:
A Ant 524 Language and Culture (3)
A Com 577 Culture and Communication (3)
E Tap 610/E Rdg 610 Literacy in Society (3)
E Tap 657/E Rdg 657 Reading in Second Language (3)
Other language and culture course as advised (3)

Additional Program/NYSED Requirements:

  • School Violence Prevention and Intervention (SAVE) Training
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Training