Alex Kumi-Yeboah

Dr. Alex Kumi-Yeboah 

Assistant Professor
PHONE: (518) 442-5032
FAX: (518) 442-5008





PhD., University of South Florida, 2012 Tampa FL

Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methods, University of South Florida 2011


M.A.T., (Master of Arts in Teaching) University of South Florida 2004


B.Ed., (Bachelor of Education) University of Cape Coast, Ghana 1999


Teaching & Research Interests


  • Immigrant issues in education – [Educational & Non-educational experiences of immigrant students; Cross-cultural learning experiences of black immigrant students]
  • Culture & education
  • Global/International education – education in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Multicultural online education

Dr. Kumi-Yeboah's Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Kumi-Yeboah, A. (in press). The multiple worlds of Ghanaian-born immigrant students and academic success. Teachers College Records.

Smith, P., Kumi-Yeboah, A., Cheema, J., Warrican, S. J., & Alleyne, M. L. (in press). Language-based literacy differences in the literacy performance of bidialectal youth. Teachers College Record. 

Kumi-Yeboah, A., Dogbey, J. K. & Yuan, G. (2017). Exploring Factors that   Promote Online Learning Experiences and Academic Self-Concept of Minority High School Students. Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE). DOI: 10.1080/15391523.2017.1365669.

Kumi- Yeboah, A.,
Tsevi, L., & Addae-Mununkum, R. (in press). Parental aspirations and investments in the educational achievements of African immigrant students. Journal of Multicultural Learning and Teaching.

Smith, P.,
Gutierrez, S., Schaffer-Rose, J., Richards, J., & Kumi-Yeboah, A. (2017)Addressing diversity in online literacy teacher education. Literacy Practice and Research. 42(3).

Dogbey, J. K., Kumi-Yeboah, A. & Dogbey, J. (2017). Dialogue Pedagogical Strategies Perceived to Enhance Online Interaction – Instructors’ Perspective. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 7(3), 70 – 86.

Kumi-Yeboah, A. & Smith, P. (2016). Relationships between minority students' online learning experiences and academic performance. Journal of Online Learning Consortium (OLC). 20(4), 1-28. doi:

Kumi-Yeboah, A., & Smith, P. (2016). Cross-cultural educational experiences and academic achievement of Ghanaian immigrant youth in urban public schools. Education and Urban Society. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0013124516643764.


Kumi-Yeboah, A. (2016). Educational resilience and academic achievement of immigrant students from Ghana in an urban school environment. Urban Education. doi: 10.1177/0042085916660347.

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Kumi-Yeboah, A. (2010).  Examining activities that promote transformative learning of black African international adult learners in an American university. International Forum of Teaching and Studies, 6(2), 13-21.




Kumi-Yeboah, A., Linda, T., Brobbey, G., & Smith, P. (in press). Understanding the educational and social experiences African-born immigrant students in an urban school environments. In Ukpokodu, O.,& Ojiambo, P (Eds.), Erasing invisibility: Educational excellence and social justice for African immigrants.


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Smith, P., & Kumi-Yeboah, A. (Invited; in progress). Handbook of cross-cultural approaches
to language and literacy development. To appear in the Advances in
 Linguistics and Communication Studies (ALCS) book series. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Book Chapter(s):

Kumi-Yeboah, A. (in press, 2014). Voices on Educational Experience and Challenges: Young Adolescent Girls in Ghana In Stacki, S & Baily, S. (Eds.), Watering the Seeds: Educational Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications for Young Adolescent Girls around the Globe. Routledge.

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