Resources for Accused Individuals

Resources & Policies

Individuals accused of policy violations are entitled to due process, including a fair, impartial investigation and adjudication, as well as a presumption that they are “not responsible” until a finding of responsibility is made.

Resources for individuals accused of sexual misconduct include:

Additionally, the University's Student Bill of Rights and Sexual Violence Response Policy outlines the rights afforded to all students reporting sexual violence and all students accused of sexual violence.


Advisor of Choice

All parties to an investigation have the right to select an advisor of their choice, who may be, but does not have to be, an attorney.

The advisor of choice may accompany the party they are advising to any meeting or hearing but may not speak for the party except for the limited purpose of cross-examination in cases involving misconducted covered by Title IX.

The University will provide parties equal access to advisors and support persons; any restrictions on advisor participation, such as conflicts of interest, will be applied fairly and equally.

The University will not intentionally schedule meetings or hearings on dates where the advisors for all parties are not available, provided that the advisors act reasonably in identifying available dates and work collegially to find dates and times that meet all schedules. 

The Advisor Resource Guide outlines the required procedures for investigating and remediating conduct under the University's Title IX Grievance Policy.