Michelly Peña

Michelly Peña

Interim Director of Equity & Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
Office of Equity & Compliance
Office of Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance


Hudson Building, Suite 117
Michelly Peña

As Interim Director of Equity and Compliance & Title IX Coordinator, Michelly Peña's responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the University’s response to discrimination, which includes all forms of sexual violence, to ensure prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints

  • Overseeing investigations of workplace discrimination and sexual violence to ensure a fair and impartial process for all community members

  • Providing a central place to report an incident and overseeing the reporting process

  • Providing information about university policies and procedures, as well as campus and community resources

  • Facilitating academic and residential accommodations to address safety concerns and to support victims and complainants so that academic and professional pursuits may continue unimpeded

  • Collaborating with community partners to assist with a resolution that balances the needs of the individuals involved with those of the larger community

  • Keeping records to ensure that patterns of behavior are identified

  • Coordinating training, education and prevention programs for the entire campus community

Completed Trainings


Host Organization

Date of Attendance

Putting It All Together: Clery, VAWA, Title IX and Enough is Enough Training

SUNY Office of General Counsel

March 2016

Hazing Investigator Training

SUNY Office of General Counsel

June 2016; October 2022

Title IX Investigator Training

NCHERM, Dr. Gentry McCreary

 September 2016

Restorative Justice Training

David Karp, PhD

June 2017

Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigation and Adjudication Institute

National Center for Campus Public Safety

June 2017

Citizens Police Academy

Albany Police Department 

March to June 2017

Shall Make No Law: An Exploration of Current First Amendment Issues on College Campuses

SUNY Office of General Counsel

April 2018

Spectrum: Preventing and Responding to Violence Against LGBTQI+ Students


June 2018; July 2019

Title IX Investigator Training

SUNY Student Conduct Institute

July 2019; October 2021; January 2022; August 2022; October 2022

Navigating the Legal Terrain of Mental Health Issues on Campus

SUNY Office of General Counsel

January 2020

Title IX Basic Compliance Training 

SUNY Student Conduct Institute

January 2021; October 2021; November 2021; December 2021; January 2022; July 2022

Gehring Academy

Association of Student Conduct Administration

July 2021

Neurobiology of Sexual Assault 

SUNY Student Conduct Institute - Dr. Hopper

October 2021; March 2022

Title IX Investigator Training for Human Resource Professionals

SUNY Student Conduct Institute

December 2021; April 2022

Introduction to Restorative Justice in Title IX Processes

SUNY Student Conduct Institute

February 2022; September 2022

Annual Security Report Workshop

SUNY Student Conduct Institute - The Clery Center

July 2022

The Clery Act Fundamentals

SUNY Student Conduct Institute - The Clery Center

August 2022