Prospective Students

The Department of Educational Policy & Leadership is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and practice of educational leadership and policy at all levels of the education system, cradle-to-career. We advance this mission through our programs of teaching, research, and engagement with practitioners and scholars in the field. All programs adopt a global perspective, focusing on how international systems and policies support academic excellence.

We offer doctoral, master’s and graduate certificates in:
• Educational Policy
• Global Comparative Education Policy
• Higher Education
• International Education Management
• School Leadership (preK-12)

This program provides students with a solid foundation in theory and practice of educational policy research, policy analysis and critical analytical decision-making and leadership skills. Students gain an appreciation for the complementarity between theory, evidence and practice in our field, and how the most promising efforts to improve the quality of education in all corners of the world benefit from the close integration of theoretical understandings and empirical evidence, with practical applications.

Undergraduate Studies
The Department is expanding undergraduate offerings to provide students with the opportunity to explore issues in educational policy and leadership as part of their baccalaureate studies. These course offerings may be particularly relevant for students interested in pursuing a career as a school leader or working in a college setting.

A new offering includes an 18 credit minor in Leadership that is designed for students interested in becoming leaders in any field. The minor combines both theory and practice allowing for a holistic approach to learning about organizational leadership and can be taken in conjunction with any baccalaureate program.

Faculty & Students
A multi-disciplinary team of prominent researchers and policy analysts in the areas of sociology, political science, economics and comparative education engaged in research and capacity building across the world. Many of our faculty have also had extensive educational leadership positions as vice chancellors, provosts, vice presidents, superintendents, and principals.

Our students come from all over the globe, and once they graduate typically become academics, educational leaders, analysts and decision makers in governments, universities, international banks, development assistance agencies, non-governmental organizations and think tanks.

Global Networks
EPL's engagements over the past 30 years have been concerned with research and scholarship, capacity building and technical assistance, as well as analytical work supporting policy development in developing and developed countries. A common thread in the dossier of international projects has been the strengthening of decision-making at all levels of national education systems, partly through the development and use of timely, high quality and relevant knowledge. More about the Department’s global engagements can be found here.

Strategic Location
Located in New York’s capital and the strategic Northeast corridor of the United States, collaborations are plentiful with a broad spectrum of schools and communities, institutions of higher education and policy makers. Students in our programs also have access to the vast network of relationships with universities, educational systems, NGOs and government and intergovernmental agencies from around the world with which our faculty are engaged.

New York is also increasingly a hot spot for cutting edge policy development related to schools, colleges, and universities. Studying educational policy in Albany provides students with a up-close look at this dynamic policy environment as well as opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with SUNY system administration, the State Education Department, legislative offices, the Executive Chamber, and several other policy, lobbying, and collective bargaining organizations with headquarters in the area.