International Education Management Graduate Certificate

Overview of the Program

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The Certificate of Graduate Study in International Education Management is a 9-credit (three course), online graduate credential that provides early career professionals as well as mid-career administrators a concise, in-depth, coherent understanding of cutting edge issues and recent developments in international education management, as embedded within the administration and financing of higher education institutions. Those completing this graduate certificate are able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their jobs, either to comprehend aspects of the field as a whole or to update knowledge and experience in particular areas. Prospective students may work for schools, college and universities, private education providers, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), allied private-sector education companies, or other education-related organizations,.


For more information about the program, please contact Professor Mitch Leventhal, the Program Coordinator at General inquiries about the department can be directed to Ms. Maria Moon, Department Coordinator, at


Requirements for admission to the program include the following. Formal application to the program can be made here:

● Must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
● Official transcripts
● 3.0 GPA (or equivalent) and/or 5 years of work experience (any setting).
● Letter of support, from supervisor or colleague setting out the applicant’s qualifications, interests, and likely professional trajectory
● Letter of application, setting out experience, interests, and expectations from participating in the Certificate of Graduate Studies program

Concurrent Enrollment

Students currently enrolled in a masters or PhD in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership can apply to automatically complete the certificate at the same time as their other degree. This can be done through the MyUAlbany portal.


There are three courses requested for completion of the graduate certificate. Each can be taken online.
EAPS 643 Introduction to International Education Management
EAPS 651 Administration of Institutions of Higher Education *
EAPS 750 Higher Education Finance *

*While not indicated in the title, these courses includes international education perspectives, which reflects the department’s overall orientation toward global education issues. Moreover, students are able to tailor assignments to their particular educational interests. More information about the department’s global engagements can be found here:

All courses are applicable and recognized toward the department’s masters and doctoral degrees. While the advanced certificate program will be offered fully online, students can earn the certificate by completing on-ground sections of the courses, when also offered.

Program Design

Owing to specialized and foundational knowledge and specialized skills acquired in the graduate certificate program, completers are able to carry out responsibilities in entry level positions more effectively and mid-career professionals are better positioned to assume greater responsibilities in international education management.

The program is designed to support students in acquiring the following:

Knowledge: Through coursework students will acquire foundational knowledge of international education systems (implicating comparative educational systems, student development, cross cultural communication, evaluation and assessment) and specialized knowledge in selected areas of operational management (consisting of competences in institution governance and administration, budgeting and finance, risk assessment and management, marketing, and program development).

Skills: Through coursework, students develop specific skills in international office operations, strategic planning, marketing program development, and budgeting.

Competencies: Through program coursework, students develop basic competencies in two overlapping areas: international education systems and operational management.