Dr. Johanna Hakala, a visiting Finnish Fulbright Scholar with EAPS for March and April 2013.


Dr. Johanna Hakala is a Finnish Fulbright Scholar visiting two U.S. universities in spring 2013: North Carolina State University (Jan-Feb) and SUNY/Albany (March-April). Johanna completed her doctorate in sociology of science at the University of Tampere, Finland, in 2009. Her doctoral dissertation examined the transformation of academic research cultures in different disciplines in three Finnish universities after the Finnish government decided to considerably increase the funding of research through competitive mechanisms in the mid-1990s. She completed her Master's degree (international relations) at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.


Johanna worked as a researcher at the Unit of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Tampere from 1997 to 2006, participating in several research projects on the funding, organization and internationalization of research in universities and at the national level. From 2007 onwards, she has worked in university administration. Until last year, she worked at Tampere University of Technology, being responsible, e.g., for the international research assessment exercise conducted in 2010-2011. In March 2012, she became Head of Research Development at the University of Tampere.


Her Fulbright project concerns strategies for research development and their implementation, recruitment and tenure track policies, and leadership in U.S. public universities. She is interested in giving a talk, for instance, on the recent changes in how Finnish government steers the education and research activities of Finnish universities, or on her dissertation topic.


Her doctoral dissertation can be accessed at: http://tampub.uta.fi/handle/10024/66452