Support Services

EOP Tutorial Services
EOP provides free one-on-one tutorial assistance for its students in any course needed as long as a tutor is available. Where one is not available, EOP will go to the Academic Departments to pursue hiring a tutor for its students. Free Tutorial Study Groups are also available in our most popular University at Albany first year courses. If you could use some extra help, sign up for a tutor.

Similarly, if you would like to be hired to be an EOP Tutor and you have a cum. GPA of a 3.0 or better and a B+ or better in the course, you can apply to be hired as a tutor. In addition to needing an academic reference, resume and a copy of your audit that can be dropped off at the EOP Office itself. 

EOP Computer Lab
EOP students can make use of the EOP Computer Lab during its hours of operation. There students can type their papers or use the internet to do research for a paper or a course assignment. There is a nominal per page printing cost and students are limited to a weekly paper page count. Students must sign in every time they use the lab and must show ID.

Study Skills Workshops
Each semester, EOP offers one-hour workshops every Wednesday that provides a concentrated approach to acquiring study skills vital to achieving academic success. Participants are welcomed to attend as few or as many of the sessions as they desire and students do not need to register for a workshop in order to attend. There are also on-line study skills workshops that are provided to students – all are free of charge. For information on workshop topics, times and locations, please click on the link below or stop by the EOP office for a semester Study Skills Workshop Schedule.

Semester Term/Weekly Planners
The semester term planner is a calendar that lists University holidays and breaks for students to use to manage their time during the semester. On this planner, they can log in all term exams, presentations, appointments, and so on. They then can use the Weekly Planners to organize their week so that they can accommodate any upcoming exams, appointments, work schedules and study hours so that the work on the Semester Term Planner gets done on a timely basis. Click on the link above to access the Semester Term Planner or stop by the EOP Office to pick up both the Semester and Weekly Planners.

Mentor Program
Through participation in this program, students, faculty or professional staff members, EOP Alumni and EOP Peer Mentors are matched in a mentoring relationship. Matches are made according to the student’s preference in terms of career, academic, or personal interests. Once matched, it is up to the student and the faculty or professional staff, EOP Alumni or EOP Peer Mentor member to decide the level of interaction that will take place.

If you would like to be matched with a Faculty Mentor, Alumni Mentor and/or a Peer Mentor, you can apply online or stop by the main office located in LI 94 for an application. For further information on the Faculty Mentor Program, please contact Maritza Martinez, Director at 518-442-5179 [email protected].

If you are faculty, professional staff, EOP alumni or a current EOP student who would like to be an EOP peer mentor, please feel free to contact Maritza Martinez, EOP Director, at 518-442-5179, or apply online.

Writing/Math Lab
EOP offers services to its students via Math and Writing Labs located in the EOP Complex. They are open for EOP students on a walk-in basis during their hours of operation. For information on when these labs will be operating, please stop by the EOP Complex for a semester lab schedule.