Pre-College Summer Program

High school graduates are able to gain admission into the University at Albany through the highly competitive EOP summer program.

Each summer, there is a mandatory pre-freshmen summer program that all EOP freshmen admits must attend. The program is a 5-week residential program that begins in July and ends in early August. The purpose of this program is to provide the students with a five-week orientation to University life and to assist them with preparing for college studies. The program is free. The full cost of tuition, fees, room and board, and books is paid for through an EOP Grant and university financial support. Small classroom instruction is offered to remediate, enrich, and provide a better start for university courses that will be taken in the fall semester. Students are also exposed to numerous academic and non-academic survival skills, extensive individual and group counseling sessions, and personal and educational advisement. Other priorities during the summer include extensive study skill enrichment and career awareness sessions.

The summer instructional staff includes university lecturers who exclusively teach our EOP students during the academic year. The academic subjects involve pre-college work in writing, reading, and mathematics. Each new student is assigned an experienced and trained EOP counselor who coordinate the extensive counseling sessions and teach a course designed to enhance the student’s study skills. The counselors develop a unique personal relationship with the students, and this relationship continues during the matriculation years. In addition to the instructors and counselors, student assistants are also totally involved in the pre-college summer experience. These peer tutors and lay counselors not only reside in the residential halls with the students, but also assist in the instructional process.