EOP Gets Involved

  • Photo Gallery: EOP at Great Danes Football Game - Fall 2013

EOP Student Involvement

The Educational Opportunities Program stresses the importance of supporting the program to its students.

Without effective advocacy and support the program may not have continued to exist since its inception here at the University at Albany in 1968. It will take that same amount of effort and outreach for the program to thrive in the years to come.

Dr. Harry Hamilton, Mr. Vernon Buck, Dr. Carson Carr, Jr., (former University at Albany EOP Directors) and other pioneers of opportunities programs were vigilant advocates for these sorts of opportunities that would give students a chance to succeed. Our generation now has both the opportunity and responsibility to keep the spirit of progress alive in the EOP program.

Here are some ways that our EOP students have and will continue to give back to the program that made their college education attainable. They are some of the University’s most active students!