GTOP - Graduate Tuition Opportunities Program

The SUNY System has graduate-funding programs aimed at broadening access to graduate education as well as insuring that the State of New York and society in general are enriched by the SUNY preparation of scholars and leaders from diverse backgrounds. The Graduate Tuition Opportunities Program (GTOP) provides support for full-time graduate education to individuals who graduated from New York State undergraduate institutions while participating in EOP, HEOP or SEEK programs.

The Graduate Tuition Opportunities Program is funded by a special appropriation from the State University of New York coupled with significant funding from the University at Albany. GTOP provides full tuition scholarship support to former EOP (Educational Opportunities Program), HEOP (Higher Educational Opportunities Program), and SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge) program graduates. All three programs provide academic and financial support to economically and educationally disadvantaged undergraduate students at public institutions of higher education (EOP), private or independent colleges or universities (HEOP), and City University of New York colleges and universities (SEEK).

The University at Albany’s GTOP is designed to continue the educational pipeline for eligible students that desire to earn a graduate degree. Applicants must be New York State residents, be formally admitted into a graduate degree program at the University at Albany, maintain full-time status, and register for 12 or more graduate credits per semester during the academic year. During the summer session, students are required to register for six or more graduate academic credits. Recipient’s eligibility for GTOP funding is restricted to a maximum of two years of support for Master’s degree study and an additional two years of support for students pursuing doctoral study. Doctoral students who enter the University at Albany without advanced standing are limited to four years of support. Doctoral students who enter with a Master’s degree or beyond may receive three years of support. Exceptions to these policies may be solicited through the Office of Academic Support Services. Continuation of GTOP support requires that a recipient maintain good academic standing and demonstrate satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion.

To initiate the application procedure for the GTOP tuition scholarship, students must submit a GTOP Application Form and a GTOP Certification of Participation Eligibility Form to the Office of Academic Support Services, LI 94 as early as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester for which funding is requested.

In addition, the University offers the Diversity Teaching/Research Fellowship, a blended assistantship/fellowship program. Please see Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Scholar Application for more details.

Interested students should inquire and/or apply according to the procedures identified above for assistantships, fellowships and tuition scholarships.