EOP Alumni Center

Undeniably, you look back at your time at the University at Albany with fond memories and great appreciation for the quality education that you received. For many EOP students, success just wouldn't have been possible without the support of the EOP program.

[email protected]In an effort to support this important program, the University at Albany's Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) Alumni Center was created to provide access and opportunity for future, current and graduate EOP students; to advocate for the EOP program in the legislative process; engage in fundraising and networking activities; raise money for current EOP students; foster and strengthen the relationship between the University at Albany and EOP Alumni and friends; promote the welfare of the University and maintain the stature, purposes, growth and development of EOP.

We certainly hope that you will support our efforts. Please take a moment to join the University at Albany's EOP Alumni Network today. Please fill out your membership form, be sure to join our network there are no additional dues for becoming a member.

For additional information, please contact us at [email protected]

Finally, if you are an EOP Alum, please let us know what you are doing so that we may highlight you on this EOP website! Just click here to let us know of an event that you’d like us to highlight (for example, a new job, a new business, job promotion, your marriage, birth of a child/grandchild/great grandchild, a personal/professional accomplishment, book you’ve written, an event that you presented at or attended, a retirement you’d like to announce, or the passing of an EOP Alum that we should mention, etc) and include photos if possible!