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EOP Student Administrative Council

ESAC (EOP Student Administrative Council) is an organization established to act as the governing body for undergraduate students in the EOP program at the University at Albany and to present their views on affairs of the University community.

We are students; but most importantly leaders who strive for change and strive to be heard ;we act as a governing body representing undergrads ,grads and untraditional students of the E.O.P Program , the E- Board’s Purpose is to unite the program as one and continuously try to change our community for the better , by helping our peers and broadening our horizons so that the next generation can have a stable and united foundation.

The EOP Student Administrative Council is a student based organization founded by Claudio Gomez (EOP Alumnus,2007) and Ibrahim Rose (Project Excel Alumni) on November 2, 2008. The idea to create this initiative derives from the EOP Student Association ideals in which was formed during the 1970’s.

Why is ESAC Important?
The University at Albany is a large school and EOP students hold various positions in many organizations but E.S.A.C is different in that our sole purpose is to better EOP aside from the campus community as a whole. We are trying to strengthen the bond and family that is EOP by getting involved and representing our respective classes.

Spellman Achievement Awards - 2009 and 2010
These honors recognize and reward undergraduate and graduate students who have made significant contributions to enhance the quality of life at the University at Albany. Recipients will have demonstrated a variety of accomplishments including extraordinary leadership, service, academic achievement, and involvement within the University community.