Carolyn A. Skebe

English / Writing Instructor

Phone: (518)442-5189

Fax: (518) 442-5419

Campus office: LI 94H

Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and Composition; Modern and Contemporary American Literature; Poetry, Poetics, and Performance; Cultural Studies; Creative Writing; Gender Issues in Literature; Post-structural Feminist Theory.

 BioDr. Alifair Skebe is author of two published books of poetry “El Agua Es la Sangre de la Tierra” / “water is the blood of the earth” and Love Letters / Les Cartes Postales and her poems have appeared in numerous journals. She recently published her paper “’A wandering animal like myself’: Looking at Pilgrimage as Process in Olson’s ‘Human Universe’ and H.D.’s Trilogy” and has presented her scholarship on writing, creative writing, and Modern poetry at numerous national conferences. She teaches classes in writing and poetry in the EOP program at the University at Albany.