Undergraduate Program

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sustainable Engineering. Students enrolling in this program will be equipped with a strong foundation in this broad discipline, state-of-the-art science and technologies for solving environmental problems using sustainable approaches, and skills for lifelong learning.

B.S. Degree

Student in Dr. Liang's Sustainable Design Lab  The Environmental and Sustainable Engineering program is highly unique. The conventional Environmental Engineers are in high demand and enjoy among the highest starting salaries of BS degrees. They are highly sought after in careers in industry, government and academia. They work in basically all industries that have any contact with the environment and consulting firms to help clients manage their environment issues. They are government employees at federal, state and local levels to protect the environment and human health. In addition, graduates may work in universities and institutions where they conduct research. Sufficient education on Sustainable Engineering opens even more career paths at the intersections of different disciplines. Possible job titles include Air Quality Analyst, Water Quality Specialist, Consulting Engineer, Remediation Manager, Process Engineer, Permit Writer, Patent Attorney, Waste Treatment Specialist, Energy Engineer, and Sustainable Designer.

As a student in our program, you will learn to:

Student in Huyck Preserve

  • Become a skilled problem-solver with a mindset on sustainability. The habit of finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges will be culminated through interactions with world-class faculty, internships and senior design projects tied to real-world problems.  

  • Be able to conduct one-on-one hands-on research with top-notch faculty working on all environmental problems related to water, air, solid waste, water resource management and energy sustainability.

  • Use different tools to analyze data, generate models and design processes for pollution control, remediation or sustainable energy production  

  • Think in holistic ways to create sustainable solutions to real-world problems  

  • Work effectively and collaboratively with people from different backgrounds  

  • Be a professional engineer with impeccable work ethic and life-long learning habit


Registration is currently open for Fall 2019. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for course descriptions, and visit the Schedule of Classes to see what is being offered (input IESE in the "Course Subject" field). The program MAP is available here. Please feel free to call the department for more information.

Dr. Yanna Liang in her lab