Ph.D. Job Searches: Job Offers

Receiving an offer for a good-fit position after the long, grueling process of the job market is the satisfying outcome we all hope for you. However, be aware that:

  • The market is very competitive.
  • MLA statistics indicate that it is not unusual for candidates to enter the annual job market 2-3 times before landing their first career position.

If you do find yourself returning to the job market for a second or third time, use the time in the interim to build your CV by submitting manuscripts to journals and discussing with your dissertation committee ways you could revise your application materials.

When you receive a job offer, don’t make any on-the-spot decisions. You can of course express your delight, but ask for some time to consider the offer (no matter how ready you are to take it). This is a big decision, and the details of your job offer can potentially affect you for the rest of your career. No search committee would expect you to make this important decision during the phone call in which you learn of the offer. It is an MLA guideline that you should  be allowed at least two weeks to learn more about the position and consider your options. You should contact the Professionalization Committee and your dissertation advisor as soon as possible to discuss negotiating your best offer and considering your options.