Medieval and Renaissance Studies

About the Program

Ineke Murakami, Ph.D.
Department of English 

Flying buttresses, York Minster, England, completed between 1215-1472

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program offers broad, multidisciplinary training in the cultures of Europe from late antiquity through the early modern period. These centuries span a number of vibrant civilizations―all of which strove to establish and promote a particular social, religious, national or international identity within the larger world. Consequently, the Medieval and Renaissance fields are about exploring the roots of our present in the past. Together with faculty, students explore the visual, literary, historical, musical, theological and philosophical productions of worlds that continue to inflect our own.

Statement on Diversity

Medieval and Renaissance studies enjoy a long history of scholarly engagement with issues of gender, race, sexuality, disability, socioeconomic and religious difference. As scholars, we are well versed on the impact of these issues on our respective fields, both within the discrete cultural moments of their formation and as forces that continue to shape our understanding of these moments. As teachers committed to diversity, we uphold the ideals of inclusivity, critical inquiry, civil discourse, and responsible scholarship.