Aashish Kaul

Assistant Professor

D.A., University of Sydney
Humanities 317

Aashish Kaul works and teaches in the areas of Modern, Postcolonial, and Global Anglophone Literature; Literary & Critical Theory; and Creative Writing, His work has been published in Australia, Britain, India, and the United States. His books include A Dream of Horses & Other Stories and the chess inspired novel The Queen’s Play. His research interests are in the areas of world literature, narrative theory, writing and phenomenology, and hybridity.

Recent Courses:
AENG 516: Workshop in Fiction: Trends in Contemporary Writing
AENG 581: Studies in a Literary Period: Nature and Landscape Writing
AENG 402Z: Advanced Writing Workshop: The Art of the Novella
AENG 302W: Creative Writing
AENG 305V: Studies in Writing about Texts: Autofiction
AENG 222: World Literature