Concentration: Cultural, Transcultural and Global Studies

This concentration engages the multiple, changeable, and sometimes volatile elements of a broad range of cultural texts, particularly by employing a variety of interpretive strategies that have emerged in English studies.

Work in this area recognizes that the study of culture in English is transnational, particularly given the intellectual pressures of colonialism, postcolonialism, and Anglophone literatures. In accounting for the shifting historical realities of global culture, this concentration also promotes the study of the effects of globalization, cross-cultural exchange, class relations, and the formation of cultural identity on discourse broadly conceived. Courses in this concentration include topics such as class, gender, race, and sexuality; the public sphere, popular culture, and pedagogy as cultural practice; trans-Atlantic, comparative, and diaspora studies.

Faculty researching and teaching in this concentration:

Richard Barney
Bret Benjamin
Lana Cable
Patricia Chu
Thomas Cohen

Teresa Ebert
Jennifer Greiman
Glyne Griffith
Michael Hill
Pierre Joris
Kir Kuiken

James Lilley
Ineke Murakami
Tomás Urayoán Noel
Stephen North
Paul Stasi

Examples of courses taught in this concentration: