Teresa Ebert

Professor Emerita



Ph.D., Minnesota

Critical and Cultural Theory, Marxist Theory, Feminist Critique, Globalization Theory.

The Task of Cultural Critique

In recent years, Teresa L. Ebert has emerged as “one of the most significant Marxist theorists currently writing about the humanities.” Arguing for radical (root) thinking as an integral part of a sustainable democracy, Professor Ebert has insisted on the necessity of critique-al education and of questioning the economic and socio-cultural tendencies that are reducing the humanities to what she calls “hypohumanities.”

Professor Ebert's writing and teaching focus on critical and cultural theory, Marxism, feminism, and globalization. Her publications include The Task of Cultural Critique; Class in Culture (co-author); Ludic Feminism and After: Post-modernism, Desire, and Labor in Late Capitalism, as well as Postality: Marxism and Post-modernism, and Marxism, Queer Theory, Gender (both in the Transformation series on "Marxist Boundary Work in Theory, Economics, Politics and Culture," co-edited). Her extended text, "Quango-ing the University: The End(s) of Critique-al Humanities," has appeared in Cultural Logic. Her many essays have appeared in such journals as Cultural Critique; College English; Science and Society; Rethinking Marxism; Genders; Poetics Today; Language and Style; Journal of Advanced Composition Theory (JAC); American Journal of Semiotics; American Quarterly; Against the Current; Nature, Society, and Thought; and Women’s Review of Books.