KellyAnn Fitzpatrick

B.A. English and Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame

Dissertation Title:

“Revisiting Camelot: Representations of Arthurian Women in Feudal and Capitalist Modes of Production”

Research Interests:

19th-Century British Literature, Medievalism in 19th- and 20th-Century Literary and Popular Culture, Medieval Literature, Arthurian Studies, Critical Theory, and Cultural Studies

Select Publications:

“Commodifying the Medieval in Magic: Online,” in The Medieval in Motion:
Neomedievalism in Film, Television, Video Games and Other Electronic Media. Edwin Mellen Press, forthcoming

Select Conference Presentations:

  • “Shopping in/for the Middle Ages: Consumptive Practices in 'Medieval' Video Games,”
    Neomedievalisms: The 22nd International Conference on Medievalism, University of Western Ontario, October 2007
  • “Gender and Classifications of Arthurian 'Literature,’” Northeast MLA Convention,
    Baltimore, MD, March 2007
  • “Guenevere's Children: Reading the ‘Medieval’ Body,” 41st International Congress on
    Medieval Studies, Western Michigan State University, May, 2006

Select Fellowships and Awards:

Richard Thorns Dissertation Fellowship, 2007-8

Select Teaching Experience:

ENG 102z: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 205z: Introduction to Writing in English Studies
ENG 226: Medievalism
ENG 295: Classics of Western Literature
ENG 411: Arthurian Legends