James H. Searle

James H. Searle

Degree(s) earned and location:

B.A. The Evergreen State College, M.A. Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests:

20th Century American Literature, History of Criticism and Theory, The American University, Aesthetics and Politics

Select Publications:

"Mind in its Purest Play: Imagination, Politics, and Reading" in Conference Proceedings of "The Natural History and Reading" UW 2010.

“Review: Life, Literature, and Modernity”. in MLN Vol. 124 Num. 5, 2010.

3 Poems published in The Monongahela Review Issue 3, Winter 2009

Select Conference Presentations:

“Why I (Still) Read Poetry”
Carnegie Mellon University: LCS Colloquium Roundtable: Defend Your
Studies! April 1st, 2010

“Allegorical Desire and the Repression/Representation of the Real.”
SUNY Stony Brook: Graduate Conference: The Desire for
Representation/The Desire of Representation, February 21st, 2009

“Troublesome Symbols, or Reading as Hawthorne Asks Us To.”
Stockholm University: Metaphor Festival September 18-19th, 2008

“Problems of Belief and Authority in Hawthorne’s Salem: A Pragmatic Approach.”
University of Washington: Graduate Conference: Transcendentalism in
America, Spring 2006

Select Fellowships and Awards:

Raymond Williams Fellowship in Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon, 2008-2009