Stephanie Affinito, Staff Associate

Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York
Education Building-Room 332; (518) 442-5102

Prior to joining the University at Albany faculty, Stephanie Affinito taught in elementary schools as a classroom teacher and a reading specialist. Currently, Stephanie is a Staff Associate in a teaching-intensive position within the Department. She teaches both online and on-campus courses within the Literacy B-6 and Childhood Education programs, including ERDG 500, ERDG 504, ERDG 526, ERDG 600, ERDG 601, ERDG 615, ERDG 617, ERDG 625, and ERDG 655. Her teaching interests include literacy coaching, elementary classroom literacy instruction and working with students who experience difficulty learning literacy.

Stephanie is passionate about innovating teacher learning. She has researched literacy coaching as part of her doctoral studies and focuses much of her current work on how technology and digital tools can impact teacher learning and collaboration. She embraces technology to create transformative learning experiences for teachers through connected learning communities, innovative professional development and personalized coaching. She founded #preservicelit, a Twitter chat where education students and preservice teachers connect to discuss current ideas in the field, share ideas and resources, grapple with real life teaching challenges, ask questions and meet new mentors for their own professional learning.

She presents regularly at state and national literacy conferences on literacy coaching, teacher collaboration and learning with technology and digital tools. She was recently named as an Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassador.

Recent Publications:

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