Starting the MS Program

Starting Your Program

First Steps...
If you have been accepted into one of the MS degree programs, you will receive an important email from the department. Besides congratulating you, this letter will confirm the program you've been admitted into, the semester you will start, and your advisor with his/her contact information.

Shortly after you receive our email, you will receive an online admission letter from the Graduate Office.  This is the official University acceptance. Please be aware that you must accept your admission. To confirm your admission, simply click on the link provided in your emailed letter. 

After you confirm your acceptance, the University will send important information to the email address you provided during the admissions process. You will receive an email with your AlbanyID.  This is a number that looks like a Social Security number, but is generated by the University, and is used instead of the Social Security number for all official transactions.

You will also receive a second email containing your PIN and instructions for activating your IT account for access to MyUAlbany and email services at the University.  A few days after setting up your MyUAlbany account, you may then contact your Advisor to obtain your Advisor Verification Number (AVN) that you will need to complete the class enrollment process.