Program Changes

Applying for A Program Change

If you are requesting to switch your program, your written request should be addressed to the Chair of the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning, and either mailed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered to the Department Coordinator. Make sure you get an acknowledgement that the Department has received your request. The request must include the following:

  • A program plan for the degree you are requesting, showing how courses from your current program (if any) map onto the new program.
  • A letter which explains why you are making the request.

Before you submit your request, make sure that the courses you have already taken fit into the program you are requesting. Some courses may not be accepted in the new degree, and this may result in the need to take courses beyond the 30 hours. Consult your advisor if you have questions about your coursework.

Reviewing the Program Change Request

In the interest of fairness, the Department reviews your request at the same time as it reviews new applicants for each of our MS programs. Your original application to the program, plus your current transcript, are included, along with your letter and and other pertinent materials.  Program changes are dependent on openings in your preferred degree. You will be informed of the Department's decision about one month from the application date, at the same time as new applicants are informed.

Application Fees

If a switch is requested and approved for programs within the MS Literacy Specialist programs (B-6, B-12, 5-12), or between the Childhood Ed and Early Childhood, there is no application fee.

However, if you are switching between different certification programs, you have to pay the University's application fee.  If you plan to switch your program from ChE/EChE to a literacy specialist program (B-6, B-12, 5-12), or from a literacy specialist to a ChE/EChE program, and your request is approved, you will need to pay the University's application fee. Please note that this fee will only be required if your request is approved.  You will only be required to complete the application page itself, the rest of your materials are on file from your original application.

If you have any questions, please contact the department for clarification.